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Jesse Alejandro Cotrell

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Jesse Alejandro

San Francisco bore Jesse. His wife, The Big Fatt, is currently pregnant with sextuplets. Hear the in utero squeals of Jesse's fetuses. Jesse writes about music for the HTML Times.

Jesse's Articles:

Plants And Bodies

By Jesse Alejandro

Trevor Wilson gives us his latest album for download including protools session files for four of the tracks.
Read more …

Ear To The Grindstone

By Jesse Alejandro

Jesse Bartlett-Webber gives us his inspired opus for download, and Jesse reviews the compositions.
Read | Download Album

Most Valuable Player

By Jesse Alejandro

Nat Baldwin gives us his newest album, Most Valuable Player, for download and Jesse Alejandro reviews the bass-infused tracks.
Read | Download Album

Go Back Where We Began?

Twice Monthly Mixtape by Jesse Alejandro

Karl gives out samples and Protools files newest album for download, and Jesse reviews of this jazz-infused, mutli­farious Brooklyn-based band. Read | Download Album

War Elephant

By Jesse Alejandro Oct. 15th 2008

Deer Tick gives out their newest album for download, and Jesse Alejandro dines his way through it, introducing us to this alt-country rock band from Providence. Read | Download Album

Nothing New Has Ever Begun

By Jesse Alejandro

The Coyotes give out Pro Tools session files from their new album for download, and Jesse Alejandro introduces us to this intriguing, genre-bending Seattle band. Read more | Download MixTape

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