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Thomas Steinmetz

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Thomas Steinmetz

Thomas Steinmetz was raised in Willoughby, Ohio. After making his way to Boston, where he currently resides, he worked as a developer for a Boston-based student insurance company. There he wrote applications for loading student data, updated website security, and updated internal web applications. Thomas then moved on to a smaller company where the work environment better suited his style— who likes having to wear an ironed shirt everyday, anyway? Thomas enjoys working out like a freak (breaking the mold for the traditional programmer), OS X, soccer, and programming.

Thomas's Articles:

Anatomy of a jQuery Plugin

By Thomas Steinmetz

Thomas Steinmetz walks us through building a jQuery plugin with the example of a tabbed navigation and gives us the final product to download. Read more …

jQuery Chat Client

By Thomas Steinmetz

Thomas Steinmetz gives away his jQuery chat client completer with buddy, session and transcript management. Read more …

PHP Photo Uploader

This Month in Code by Thomas Steinmetz

Thomas Steinmetz shows us how to create a simple photo uploader with basic permissions for different users and gallery using php and lightbox js. Read more …

Editing In Place With Prototype

By Thomas Steinmetz Oct. 1st 2008

Resident programmer Thomas Steinmetz walks us through the cleanest, driest, and most direct method for editing in place with Prototype. Read more …

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